Sustainability Principles

- Efficient use and conservation of energy and water.

- Rethink, Reduce,Reuse, Recycle and upcycle of waste.

- Use of local resources in a responsible and sustainable manner

- Understanding of and sensitivity towards local and cultural conditions

- Recognition of environmental, social and impact associated with each event

- Use of and support of environmentally responsible venues and locations

- Promote event greening principles through appropriate marketing and branding

- The involvement and benefit of people from the local area

- Monitoring of associated impacts; and

- Open disclosure of information


Sustainability Village

- Hosting events in a sustainable manner also means working with local communities and people to directly benefit them.

- We do this through procuring services & goods from local businesses, entertainment that reflects local culture & heritage and creating employment or skills development opportunities with each of our events.

- Planting a positive seed in communities,through financial investments or donations of useful items that would make a difference to the people in  local communities